Fallout好き:主にFallout New Vegas

Fallout好き:主にFallout new Vegas


GECKで観察:script見ていて気付いた事。> IsPS3

2013/02/21 初版、2013/08/06 PS3のライト追記

ScriptName VCG01RemoveDocCarebearModeTriggerSCRIPT
; Doc never gets mad at the player for fighting or stealing... until the player steps outside his house and hits this trigger

short bDoOnce;
short bDoneImpulse;
float fTimer;
short bActive;

BEGIN OnTriggerEnter player
   if (bDoOnce == 0)
       EnablePlayerControls 1 1 1 1 1 1;
       Player.AddPerk CompanionSuite 1            ; Added the companion suite perk - Jorge
       ApplyImageSpaceModifier NVEyeAdjustISFX;
       ForceWeather NVWastelandClearWindy 1;
       PlayMusic musSCRGoodspringsStinger;
       set fTimer to 18;
       set bActive to 1;
       set bDoOnce to 1;
       ; Activate radio stations
       RNVTARef.Enable    ;enable Radio New Vegas
       StopQuest VCG02;
       GSVictorREF.MoveTo GSVictorCircuitStartMarkerREF;
       Set VFreeformGoodsprings.bVictorPatrol to 1;

       If IsPS3 == 1                                   ; Added this bit to kill the feature if the game is running on PS3 - Jorge
          StopQuest VStreetLighting
          VStreetGamblerAREF.Disable              ; Had to remove some NPCs for the PS3 version - Jorge

BEGIN GameMode
       set fTimer to fTimer - GetSecondsPassed;
       if (fTimer < 10 && bDoneImpulse == 0)
          VCG01TumbleweedImpulseREF.placeatme vsmallimpulseexplosion;
          set bDoneImpulse to 1;
       elseif (fTimer < 0)
          ReleaseWeatherOverride;    get rid of gusty wind
2013/08/06 追記分

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